Sunday, September 19, 2010

Why I Love the Venture Bros. An Essay.

I would like to take a moment to talk about this show. In 2003 The Venture Bros. launched on Cartoon Network's adult swim. I was immediately hooked. It combined a mature humor with the action cartoon shows I enjoyed as a kid. It was like Johnny Quest on crack. (eventually the show brings in the character and he is indeed strung out on crack). With great voice characterization and a serial storyline this show is a fan favorite. It is a bit underrated by critics but in my opinion one of the best shows on television.
The shows follows the adventures of the Venture family. Dr. Thaddeus Venture, his sons Dean and Hank, and their (ex)bodyguard Brock Sampson. The show is based in a world where heroes and arch-enemies are an everyday way of life. The back story of all the characters are intertwined into a web of love and hate that makes a daytime soap opera seem like Sesame Street. The villains and heroes have a very thin line drawn between them and at times you forget which side is the one standing for justice and humanity. For the most part its all blended together and you end up not caring as long the story keeps you laughing. It has a cool and dry humor and may be why it is lost on some. Is this half hour of cartoons as funny as Family Guy? The Simpsons?  No...but it does have a lot more depth and structure. If you miss a couple of episodes you will have to catch up before anything makes sense. If you are interested in watching the show I strongly suggest you start at the beginning. I hope this is enough information to get you at least interested in this show although it does mean buying DVDs or streaming it from your choice of potentially harmful websites. So until next time.. Go Team Venture!

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