Thursday, September 23, 2010

Oh...thanks Superman.

I never really liked Superman in the superhero universe. Sure he upheld Truth, Justice and the American way but in my opinion he was kind of lacking certain attributes that make a hero. My problem is that Superman wasn't brave. He was invincible. When stopping a bank robbery it was no different that you or I swatting a fly with a swatter. Occasionally Lex Luthor would stop him with some kryptonite but its not like he knew is was going to be there. Maybe if did he wouldn't have even shown up. Stopping crashing airplanes and calming typhoons was no different. It was just kid's stuff to him. I liked the superheroes, although having great powers, still had to worry a little about getting their ass handed to them. If bullets bounced of me it wouldn't bother me at all to stop a gang or stop a train with my face. So really Superman was just some nerd who liked write news stories. Nothing really heroic at all, but here I sit with no superpowers at all. Just a nerd at a computer.


  1. you are right - Batman was more complex, darker, more vulnerable. He could die, so he was more heroic. When i was a kid, I bought about 12 comics every month..about half were DC & half were Marvel. For awhile Green Lantern & Greeen Arrow were teamed up..those were good. and pretty unrelated topic: I bought Mad magazine every month for several years. I think thats why my sense of humor is warpede

  2. I used to read MAD pretty regular too. Sometimes I'll look at it on the magazine stand and realize it hasn't changed a bit. Batman was definitely more heroic than Superman. He was also loaded. Superman didn't seem to mind his lower-middle class job.

  3. i am waiting for 9/28 when Iron Man 2 comes to Time-Warner On-demand ...really liked the first one. He's loaded too.