Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Favorite Horror Movie # Nine.

It's rare for me to choose a re-imagined or remake movie. To me it kills all of the original ideas by imaginative writers out there. In this case I make an exception because it was envisioned and conceived  by a man who actually loves horror movies. Rob Zombie seems to really get horror movies and seems to be very passionate about making them. I also chose the UNRATED Director's Cut because that is my preferred way to watch a movie. Sometimes I wait for certain horror movies to make it to video release so I can watch the Director's Cut. For the most part its just a little extended gore but that's reason enough for me. What I really liked was the back story. It told the audience a little more about the monster known as Michael Myers. It showed that he was once an innocent little boy, but only at first glance. The evil was always there under the surface. He kills his family and gets locked away for what was supposed to be forever. After that the movie takes its inevitable turn to a slasher/gore festival. Up next for Mr. Zombie is "The Blob", I'll be looking forward to his take on something a little more sci-fi. If nothing else I'm sure I will be entertained and that's all need. For now come October 31st I won't be anywhere near Haddonfield, Illinois'and I don't think I will be anytime soon. Or ever.

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  1. People gave us everything for free. We were allowed only so much film per picture, but there was no limit to the creativity. I like to say that they let us loose like wild dogs in the streets of Paris.