Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Stealing of the Crown of Mulberry. Part One

        In a land far from here, there were two small dogs. No one can seem to remember the names of these two small dogs, so for the sake of the story we will name them...Bella and Julius. Bella was of an unknown mixed sort of breed but we do know she was small, white and had a very pleasant demeanor. Julius, her only son was also (of course) a mixed breed. Julius was the bastard son of a long gone father named Shadow. Not much of Shadow is still remembered other than this fact : He was a dick.
        Now back to Julius, who was smaller than his mother, long auburn hair, and also had a very pleasant demeanor along with being very mischievous. He was the sort of dog you would love to pet but no one ever did given that he was very forgettable and not really worth paying much attention to. He did not know his father for very long because, Shadow the Dick, ran off shortly after Julius was born.
        Bella and Julius lived the Forests of Kaynynia which was a dreadful place filled with Dirty Mongrels and street cats. The street cats, more commonly known as the Shanks controlled all of the Forest. This was after a short war with the Dirty Mongrels who were very lazy. So lazy they eventually no longer cared who controlled the Forests as long as they had plenty of bones to chew until the end of time. Also squeaky toys. Upon these conditions the Shanks agreed to supply them with all the bones they could eat and they also gave them plenty of very squeaky toys. Bella and Julius were always forgotten about when the bones and squeaky toys were handed out on the first of each month. They found themselves constantly settling on chewing sticks and occasionally rocks.
        The neighboring Fields of Mulberry was truly wonderful place. Freshwater surrounded the lush green fields and it was rumored to have plenty of everything a small dog could possibly want. Bones, squeaky toys, even wet food from a can. Also lots of cheese.
        In Mulberry the dogs ruled the land and cats seemed quite content to serve under the dogs' rule. It was also rumored that the one who wore the Crown of Mulberry would remain the Lord of the Fields of Mulberry until the wearer decided he or she no longer want to rule the land and simply gave it to someone else.
        We now shift the story to the two small yes Bella and Julius who were sitting next to their favorite tree chewing on sticks and rocks. It was a nice, but it can be certain there are things they would rather be doing. The conversation that follows will be the starting point. The start of a somewhat entertaining story about two dogs that no one can seem to remember.
        Julius was chewing on a particularly awful stick but his favorite since his choices were quite limited.
Julius called out to his mother.
"Yes, Sweetie?", Bella replied.
"I am pretty goddam sick of chewing this stick", Julius stated.
"Well, my dear, I am afraid there's not much we can do about that", Bella answered back.
"Yes, there is Mother" Julius stated. A mischievous grin crossed his face.
"Oh, and what is that precious?", she asked puzzled.
"I am going to steal the Crown of Mulberry", he stated. His grin now a full smile.

To Be Continued...

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