Monday, September 27, 2010

Favorite Horror Movie # Seven

This movie is gory. Very gory. It's also one of the funnest horror movies you'll see. It is the result of the documentary series Project Greenlight. The documentary follows contest winners through the process of making a film. I didn't see it.
The plot is pretty simple. Nasty creatures are hungry and eat anyone or anything they feel like ingesting. Its one of my favorite's because of the slick humor that is added in. Upon a characters entrance to the screen is followed by a pause and a description of them and chances of survival. For instance, a "bad ass hero-type" comes through the door carrying the head of one of the creatures. The shot pauses and we are told he is the HERO and his chances of survival are "very high". 30 seconds, later creatures jump through a window and rip his head off. The blood and carnage begins and doesn't let up until the final frame. The blood and gore is over the top and at times is unbelievable that there could be that much blood in a human. It will jump you and gross you out but you'll have fun. You don't have to worry about nightmares or checking the closet before bed.
They followed up this one with two more movies. All equally gory but failing to meet up to the story of the first. Feast has a strong cult following and fans are eagerly awaiting a fourth installment. I'll be ready for it and would ready for five more. There has never been any closure to the film. (where do they come from?, how can we stop them?) This isn't important to me. I just enjoy the bloody ride.

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