Sunday, June 5, 2011

Favorite Horror Movie # One

Favorite horror movie ever? Yes. I based this on the amount of gore present in this horror flick from New Zealand's own Peter Jackson. Yeah, the guy did those hobbit movies. Years before he brought the "Lord of the Rings" to life he gave us this blood and guts festival. It has gone down in record as one of the bloodiest movies ever. By "bloodiest ever" I mean buckets and buckets of red corn syrup splashed in every direction. I don't do synopsis' on this here blog but I can give you the short of it. A Momma's Boy's mother is bit by a nasty little creature that passes on "zombie" qualities. Momma's Boy tries to hide his Zombie Momma. Zombie Momma infects a town. Mamma's Boy deals with zombie with extreme prejudice. Blood and guts become have a starring role in the movie...This is really a comedy. Everything is so over the top that you have to suspend disbelief and just go with it. Its best to watch with a group of people so everyone can react to the carnage together. The best scene is when the Momma's Boy enter's with a lawn mower and proceeds to cut down the numerous zombies in a bloodtastic manner that makes you wonder if so much blood was even necessary. It is. The effects are great and not a bit of CGI was used. It was done with good ol' fashioned special effects and a bunch of very deranged (creative) artists. If you haven't seen this movie and you are a fan of horror get together with some friends, watch it and see who can go longest without looking away from the screen. This is number one because its everything I want in a horror movie. I don't need to be scared and keep a light on when I go to bed. I want to see something that pushes the limits of what is real and what could never happen. If you are squeamish and easily offended by an unnecessary amount of gore then don't watch. If you're not...Enjoy,enjoy, enjoy. 

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