Monday, October 11, 2010

Favorite Horror Movie # Six

A movie about torturing innocent people. This movie is not for the timid. It is dark and twisted but you don't have to be to enjoy this movie. If you sat through, "The Passion of the Christ" then this is actually a piece of cake. The idea is that tourists travelling through Europe are lured into hostels by attractive individuals and promised hard partying and promiscuity. Easily deceived by such promises, 3 young men follow pretty girls into the hostel only to later be drugged and taken to an unknown facility. There customers join an underground society that pays to kill hapless victims in the way their darkest desires can be met in whichever way they see fit. This is not one of my favorite horror movies because of the violence. It has a great story throughout and it keeps you on the edge of your seat hoping the guys somehow survive. It's also believable enough to make you feel a bit wary about stay when traveling abroad. For me the real horror is in the very intense events leading up to the violent acts. Really I enjoyed Hostel II a little better but this makes the list for its originality in the genre. So I'll sum this up with a little advice. If travelling through Europe and a bunch of hot girls tell you they've know of a great place to stay. Tell them you're already booked at the Marriott.


  1. i always avoided this....seemed too out there. Maybe i will watch it now. if a bunch of hot euro girls were hitting on me, i would think they were wither trying to kill me or hookers.

  2. Well, you might not like but its worth a shot. Its pretty grisly.