Saturday, October 30, 2010

Favorite Horror Movie # Four

It's an instant classic. Halloween has changed the past 7 years thanks to the first Saw. This year brings us (supposedly) the final of the series. The original stands out amongst the rest. We were first introduced to Jigsaw, nothing more than an ominous voice over a P.A. and of course a small wooden puppet. The great thing about this horror movie is that the villain never actually kills anybody. The fate is left to the victim alone. Of course it can be argued that death would be an eventual event given the circumstances. The characters are placed into "games". They have many choices to make mostly based on their moral fabric. Would you retrieve a key to the lock around your leg if it meant digging it out of the stomach of the guy in the cell with you? Perhaps you'd wait it out a bit. Sooner or later you'd have to choose. Maybe there's another option. Cut your own leg off? Maybe. I don't really do the spoiler thing. I'm a little bummed this is Halloween brings the last Saw ever but pretty psyched its in 3D. The whole series is intertwined into each previous movie. Anymore story lines and my head would probably explode from a "flashback attack". Its been a lot of fun though and even though I've basically been sold the same movie 6 more times I'd do it all over again. The original was great and its been a decent trip since. Saw reminds me of what Halloween is all about. Thats why its number four. 

P.S. Flashback Attack would make a great band name. If you're interested, hit me up.

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