Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Best of the Worst...part 1

I wanna take just a second to talk about which is widely known as one the worst movies ever made. Yes, Troll 2 is very hard to watch. I have hard time even laughing at how horrible it truly is. The short version is that a family packs up and moves to a small town called , Nilbog (yes that Goblin spelled backwards). Soon after arriving people start to die. The goblins happen to love eating people. Before the victims can be eaten they have to drink a mysterious green beverage that turns them into a gooey plant substance. Apparently, the Goblins are vegetarian and prefer their meals neon green and squirming. 

The special effects could be accomplished by a 5th grade class  with paper mache and green paint. There's not much left to tell about this movie. It is very confusing and if you can watch it all in one sitting you're probably high on something. So the question is this: Why have I watched this movie 3 times? I am reminiscent of a time when this type of thing amused me. As a kid I watched this "movie" and I thought it was kinda radical. I was way wrong and should go back it time to slap myself in the back of the head. Well, if you've never seen it and would like to watch a horrible movie some rainy day... check out Troll 2. Then maybe watch the first Troll. Which happens to be a decent movie that also happens to have Sonny Bono in it.
That's it for now. There's plenty of the Best Worst of all time to keep me busy for awhile. Thanks for stopping by. 

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